I do my printing digitally now, which allows me to achieve better results than I could get in my wet darkroom -- and I flatter myself to be quite a good traditional printer. I print up to 44" wide and indefinitely long in my own studio. The materials used for the prints all score top archival ratings; my current favorite paper is the matte Canson Rag Photographique. I give a 30-days no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on all prints.

$ 115
$ 175
$ 300
$ 415
$ 540
$ 740
$ 1100


Print prices obviously go up with size. This is not so much because more materials are used but primarily because of steeply increasing time requirements. For example, larger prints demand much more judicious control of color and contrast in small parts of the image, and retouching time increases in proportion with image area, not with linear image size. (In bad cases, just dust spotting a single file from a scanned negative can take more than a day.) The prices shown are for archival pigment prints; the sizes include a narrow white margin around the image. Contact me for other options, including larger murals and volume discounts.

If you are a nice person who is strapped for cash but absolutely must have a print, contact me for special arrangements.