Independence Day
Diverse takes on Old Glory, followed by impressions from joyous parades in Lexington, Kentucky
No Place to Hide, No Time to Heal
The "New Normal" in the Neighborhood
Space in Photographs
Renaissance Ideas for the Digital Age
Bats, Bugs, and the Moon
The Struggle to Revitalize an Abandoned Coal Mine
Distant Relations
Bug Portraits from an American Yard
Shutterbugs' Corner
Geeky Remarks on Photographing Live Arthropods
I Would Redesign That Udder
Greased Pigs, Goats Dressed as Dragons, and Other Attractions at the Fairground
Poised for Greatness
Ground-Level Views from the Once Blue Flyover State of Kentucky, with Sprinklings from Neighboring States, the Deeper South, and the Mid-Atlantic
Balloon Lady Parking Only!
The Roadside Project's Second Part, which Highlights the Transience of the Built Environment and Closes with a Meditation on Fences
Demolition in the Time of Coronavirus
With an Essay by Jeremy Popkin
Here Be Dragons
Drive-By Impressions from God's Own Country During the Holiday Season
A Study of Simple Forms
Shop Window
An Ode to the Irrepressible Decorative Impulse, with Material from Berlin, Oslo, Stockholm, and Kentucky
with Joel Feldman
Henderson's Municipal Power Plant
with Joel Feldman
Coal Barge
A Journey down the Meanders of the Green River, the Tight Connector between the Shaft Mines of Western Kentucky and the National and International Coal Markets
Photographs Made with Lensless Film Cameras
Horse Surgery
Animal Clinic
From Nail Clipping to Open Heart Surgery
Berlin: Übergänge / Transitions
A Study of the City's Changing Face a Dozen Years After the Dismantling of the Wall
Berlin: Sculpture
Berlin: Graffiti
The Bluegrass
My First Sorties with a Large Format Camera
Princeton, Late 1980s
In Memory of Fiona Cowie and Ian Eagleson
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